Supplemental Forms

Account Transfer Form 
Instructions to transfer account to ADMIS

Power of Attorney
Power of Attorney for Managed Accounts

Revoke POA Form

Form to remove/revoke Power of Attorney

Sub-Account Request Form

Creating a sub-account within an account

Owner Identification Supplement
All Legal Entities must complete.

Controller Identification Supplement
All Self-Directed Legal Entities.

Proprietary Funds Acknowledgement letter
Needed for LLC Entities and Partnership accounts.

Corporate Resolution
Authorization for designated persons to sign & open a Corporate futures account.

Limited Liability Company Authorization

Authorization for designated persons to sign & open an LLC futures account.

Partnership Authorization
Authorization for designated persons to sign & open a Partnership futures account.

DBA Representation Letter
"Doing Business As" form.

Address Change Form
Form for notifying ADMIS of an address change - to be completed by customer

Security Agreement Termination
Terminating a Security Agreement

DBA Representation Letter - for a Joint Account
Doing Business As form for a Joint Account


EFRP Statement
Exchange For Related Positions Acknowledgement forms

Security Hedge Agreement Form
Security Agreement & Assignment

Hedge Acknowledgement Form
Acknowledgement of futures products used for hedging
Foreign Individual Tax Form (W-8BEN)
Tax form for foreign individuals only

Foreign Legal Entities Tax For (W-8BEN-E)
Tax form for foreign legal entities only

Instructions for form W-8BEN
Instructions for Foreign Tax Form W-8BEN

W-9 Form
Tax document for US Persons/Entities
Statements By Email
Receive Customer Statements and info via Email.

Risk Disclosure Statement
Disclosure statement

Privacy Policy Notice
How ADMIS safeguards your information

Trust Indemnification
Form Required if authorization to trade futures is not included in a Trust Agreement

Proprietary Funds Acknowledgement Letter - for Individual or Joint Account

Needed for Individuals whose occupation or nature of business is financial or investments

MiFID II Legal Entity ID Form
Needed for Legal Entities trading on European markets

MiFID II Natural Person ID Form
Needed for Natural Person trading on European markets